Friday, 15 June 2007

Flickr blocked continued

The annoyance and mystery continues...

Now I can't even view the Flickr forum.

So I went to download this Firefox add-on which everyone has been talking about. Grr... I am annoyed that I have to download yet another thing to clog up my Hard drive. Apart from that, it doesn't even work on my version of Firefox so now I have to download a later version which is a whopping 47Mb. Great. Just Effin' Great.

So thanks to Stupid China's Great Firewall I now have something (a second browser) to chew through my RAM and my HD.

On another related (or not?) note, I went to visit my florist's website and noticed it was down. I assumed she had taken it down but nope, apparently it's working fine so I went to view it another way and yep, it's there. So something is suss, very suss. Why the heck would China have any reason to block a florist's website????????!!!

PS the add on works great! I can now view all the photos. Yippee!! I'm so glad there are smart nerds in this world to circumvent things that evil 'goody two shoes' put in place. hehehe.

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