Friday, 30 May 2008

Sharon Stone - the most hated woman in China

Oh Dear. Sharon Stone made a major faux pas. One thing she should learn is not to anger the most populous country in the world. Stupid, stupid woman. I understand the concept of what she said (karma causing the earthquake in Sichuan due to China's treatment of the Tibetans) but that is just plain stupid. For poor, innocent village people who have suffered so much loss already to hear such a dumb, lame comment as that is just cruel, cruel, cruel. Nobody deserves to die or lose family members, and their house, pets, belongings, neighbours, friends, their entire city regardless of what their government has done. Stupid.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

My Haircut

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Yes I'm pretty boring and always play it safe with my haircuts. I don't like funky, 'fashionable' styles that look crap in about 3 weeks' time and take ages to style to look good.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Turning a child's artwork into a photo

I've been busy lately and have lots of entries in my head, just have to find time to do them all, hopefully in a few days time.

Meanwhile, I found this through one of the fifty billion blogs I read...

It's a Korean artist/photographer's attempt to recreate children's drawings. I am totally amazed. How much effort it would require to style a photoshoot like that? But I love the fun atmosphere, the quirkiness, the whimsicalness (is that a word?), the creativity, the colours, the cuteness, everything!