Tuesday, 29 May 2007

You know you've been in China for too long when...

Tonight Mike and I ordered home delivery for the first time. It went off without a hitch! We rang Mealbay and spoke to the operator (who seemed to speak no Chinese - strange, only English) and then they delivered it in about 45 mins.

We ordered some Mexican dishes from an "American" place. Total cost 120 RMB.

After dinner Mike started to eat the fruit salad which he made the other day - with chopsticks!!

So when I read this I had to laugh.


You know you've been in China for too long when...

We've not been here a month yet and are already doing some of those things! eg:

When you take a cab, you give play-by-play driving directions to the driver (did this yesterday)
You eat three regular meals a day: lunch, dinner and night snacks
You can pick up any type of food using just your chopsticks... even peanuts.
The footprints on the toilet seat are your own.
You no longer wait in line, but go immediately to the head of the queue.
You accept the fact that you have to queue to get a number for the next queue
You have figured out that it is actually the Taiwanese who are running this country.
The idea of seeing how this place will look at Expo 2010 actually appeals to you.
In the rain, you spot a vacant taxi which is 10 minutes away and you have already planned how you are going to jump out with great enthusiasm in the road, elbow everyone else trying to claim it, and wave your hands everywhere in a 'look at me I'm a goal keeper' kind of fashion
You are no longer flinching every few seconds in a Taxi ride.
You quit having meals and just have snacks throughout the day
You start buying things made, manufactured, produced, assembled, or fondled from your hometown in your home country because "it's the best"

Does my blog come up with Chinese or English menus on your screen?

I'm confused. It was all Chinese for me. I changed the language to English and it's still in Chinese!

Sick and Photoshop crazy!

I've been researching A LOT about Photoshop brushes and actions and doodads to make photos look absolutely stunning. I finally found the thing I was looking for, but to use it I needed the latest version of Photoshop which I didn't have. And even if I had it, I'd need the Mac OS 10.4.8 or 10.4.9 update. So I'm going around in circles and circles.

I'm so excited about my new business idea (secret for now). I'm keen to get started and do all these cool and amazing things with mine and other people's photos!

I've spent most of my time here being sick. Just when I thought I was getting better I come down with a stupid cold/flu thing last Thursday. I'm slowly getting better (I think?) but my chest is all congested with sticky phlegm gunk.