Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Overheating and overheating!

My poor little laptop is overheating. It reached 51º at one time. I have been meaning to buy a laptop cooler stand for it, and wanted to do that today except if I ventured outside I would have overheated.

(Right now it's 8pm (not 7pm) and it feels like 39º)

Earlier today, at around 3:30pm, the mercury reached 36º and Yahoo said it 'feels like 44º.' Yuck yuck yuck!

I have had the air conditioning on all day (set to around 19º). I turned it off for a while and couldn't stand it even after just 5 minutes. The heat was horrendous. I went outside briefly too and it felt like a sauna.

I brought my trusty laptop cooler (which my Dad got me from Taiwan) with me, but the fragile delicate parts inside broke during my many airport and taxi trips. :(

It looks like this:

I plan to accomplish my task tomorrow. The problem is figuring out what is the best time to go outside. 11am-4pm is the hottest part of the day so I have to go before this. Problem is, most shops don't open till 10am. And if I go after 4 it is too late because peak hour is imminent and I won't be able to find a vacant taxi to get home. So I think I'll try to leave at around 9:30 am to get there just before it opens. And that way, I'll beat any crowds too. :) And hurry home before I fry.

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