Friday, 24 August 2007

I'm fat and I'm OK with that.

Maybe I should rephrase. I am fatTER.

Last night we went to have dinner at my great aunt's house. She lives in the same building, just a couple of floors down from us. When we first arrived in Shanghai we ate there almost every day/night! (we share the same ayi/cleaner/cook) but now we do our own thing and it had been so long, plus I was slack and had nothing prepared for dinner so suggested to hubby to go down...

Her son and his wife (who are around the same age as us, despite the fact that he is my 'uncle') were also there (they live in another building in the same complex) and both commented that I had gained weight. Then, my great aunt said I looked 'healthier'.

I freaked out. I said to Mike, "Do I really look fatter?" I really didn't have a clue because all my clothes felt the same. Strange. So when I got home I weighed myself and I had gained about 1.5kg! OMG! This is the girl who never gains weight. Haha. Guess I have been eating too much good food and should hit the gym more! (LOL). Nah, seriously it doesn't really bother me because all my clothes fit.

It's only when they get really tight or really loose that I start stressing and they all seem to be fine so I honestly don't know where the weight has gone to! My nose?

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