Friday, 31 August 2007

What I love about living in Shanghai

For those who have asked me, or for those who just want to know:

* We can live a far better lifestyle than we did back home in Sydney AND have more money at the end of the month.

* We get free health insurance, worth thousands.

* We live in the CBD where there is always nightlife and don't have to worry about parking or how to get home.

* We have a cleaner/cook/maid that comes three times a week.

* We have a huge gym in a building just next to our apartment which we can use whenever want.

* We can eat out wherever and how often we choose (at home we hardly every ate out and there wasn't as nearly as many places to choose from, and it cost a lot more)

* Shopping for clothing and shoes is fun because everything comes in my size (OK underwear and swimwear is a bit harder...) and there is just so much variety.

* Haggling, which may be a bad thing but in most cases it is fun and you can have a bargain.

* Everything is new and different and there are bazillions of interesting things for me to write about or photograph every day :)

* I am quite impressed with myself that I can read more and more characters every day, often without even learning it. If I see something often enough and put it in the context I can pretty much guess how to read the character.

* Every challenge is a new adventure, and every new adventure is a challenge...

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Jenfy said...

And who was it that kicked up a fuss about not wanting to go in the first place??