Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Hubby's first Mandarin lesson

After weeks and weeks of agonising about what to do with learning Mandarin, which method, which company.. hubby finally decided on getting a personal home tutor with Mandarin H----.

Last night the tutor came over and I was basically bumming around on the net and doing some design work on the computer and eavesdropping (how could I not? They were sitting 2 metres away from me).

Anyway, at one part of the conversation I was trying to hold it all in and not laugh my head off. It was just too funny. It may not seem funny to anyone else but at the time for me it was hilarious.

They were talking about Sydney, our hometown...

The conversation went something like this:

Tutor: "So what do you think tourists find interesting about Sydney? I
hear there is a famous theatre there."
M: "No, it's in Melbourne. Melbourne has lots of theatres."
Tutor: "Oh? Sydney doesn't have theatres?"
M: "It does but not as many."

Then at this point I realised they were both confused and I couldn't resist blurting out, "I think she means the Opera house!"

After a few chuckles and confused looks.. it continued...

T: "So what else is interesting in Sydney?"
M: "There is a bridge.."
T: "A bridge? Do tourists go to Sydney just to see a bridge? Is it a famous bridge?"
(at this point I realised she had probably never heard about the famous Harbour Bridge?!!)
M: "Yeah.. it's a big bridge..."
T: "Hmm..OK."

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