Wednesday, 28 November 2007

I love my Dad and Polly Waffle chocolate bars!

So my Dad arrived on Sunday and will be here till Saturday. His entire suitcase was filled with stuff for other people. Me, and gifts for friends and relatives that live here. He only brought one change of clothes for himself and a small toiletries case and a camera. There was so much stuff I missed from home, and stuff I wished I brought over but didn't, random stuff, all on a list I'd been compiling over the last few months. One of the things I asked him to get me are Polly Waffle bars. They are a chocolate bar made in and exclusive to Australia (I think). They are not very popular nor common. They are not sold in service (petrol/gas) stations, nor in the checkout aisles in supermarkets. They can only be found in the confectionary aisle and are always on the very top shelf or very bottom shelf, never at eye/chest level. Anyway, I am having my little indulgence now.. the lovely soft marshmallow covered in crunchy wafer biscuit and then coated in a thin layer of chocolate. Ooh I'm so bad I think I'm gonna have to eat a kg of vegetables to make up for this unhealthiness! Hey my excuse is that I need something to cheer me up about this freezing cold weather. So cold I'm going to have to buy/wear long johns. (I should also add that my sister did a lot of the work in finding the things I asked for, so I should give her credit too).

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