Monday, 12 November 2007

Ikea Part II

Ikea part I

And so we went to Ikea. On a weekend. (and so there were about 100,000 people there and two people rammed their trolleys into my body but hey, who's recording? ;) ) Hubby saw the catalog that arrived in the mail and decided he wanted to go (despite me bringing it up just before we went to Japan and saying to me, "Why do you want to go to Ikea for?"). Since he'll be at the tennis every night this week we had to go on the weekend.

We bought a few knick knacks for our place (no furniture or anything big). But here are a few photos of my fave things:

1. Christmas tree. I was excited because it was officially the first Christmas tree I'd seen in Shanghai!

2. Billy bookcase glass doors. I've long been a fan of the very versatile Billy bookcase but these doors are just gorgeous! I've always noticed that at my relative's houses in Taiwan the bookcases all came with glass doors and wondered why the ones in Australia didn't. These are such a great idea (for keeping dust out) and oh-so-pretty! They come in both white and clear. There was another colourful psychedelic type design one.

3. I love this. Love the pink wall, the chandelier light and white furniture. I've long been a fan of white furniture. But now that I'm married the chances of having a bedroom like this are about zero to negative ten. Single girls - enjoy decorating your bedrooms now because once you are married you have to take into consideration the man's tastes! Haha.

4. I am a big kid at heart and have always loved the kids section of Ikea. I can't wait to deck my future kid's bedroom out with Ikea stuff!

For those that know me, I like and collect camel stuff and went to the Rhodes store in Sydney to get this Barnslig Kamel. I drove all the way there - and they were sold out!! Imagine my shock and happiness when I saw hundreds of them in the Shanghai store!

How gorgeous is this fabric for a kid's room!

Ikea Shanghai
126 CaoXi Road (near Shanghai Stadium)

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