Thursday, 20 March 2008

Mochi in Shanghai

I found mochis in Shanghai today! I'm not sure if they've been there long, but today I found a stand at the Freshmart Japanese supermarket in the Jiuguang complex next to Jing'an temple.

I briefly mentioned mochis before in this post here. Anyway, I realised there was something strangely familiar about this mochi stand in Freshmart (right at the entrance/exit near the trolleys). It was the exact same brand as the one I tried in Osaka!

I got a peach-flavoured one, green-tea, and sakura cherry-blossom flavoured one. Hmm... If you are not used to them.. they are kind of an acquired taste though. Soft and cold and sticky, and filled with a bit of cream.


Mochi Sweets

上海市 静安区 南京西路1618号
久光百货 B1F

Level B1, Freshmart, Jiuguang Plaza, 1618 Nanjing (West) Road, Jing'An, Shanghai, China

Ph: (021) 5464 0822

(Line 2 subway)

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