Sunday, 18 May 2008

An American expat in Shanghai

Interesting blog here I just found.

It's only since I've lived in Shanghai that I realize it's a popular place for university students to do their internships during the 'summer'. It seems like a really good idea for one's career, I think. Internships aren't really big at all in Australia, except in a few select fields. I kind of regret not studying overseas while I was erm.. studying.. but life's too short to have regrets! Besides, I don't want to work in banking or finance so doing an internship in Shanghai wouldn't have helped me much but still I think if you're still studying and wanting to work in those kinds of areas it's an excellent idea :)

I don't agree with the author's comments about Shanghai being the "London of the East" though, personally I think it's more like New York city.


Today was hot hot hot. It must have been at least 30 degrees, I'm sure. I felt rather headachey and dizzy all day from the heat. Then, because of the heat there was a sudden downpour around 4-5pm and I was in that too. Fun fun fun. It was so heavy that even walking the 2 metres from the taxi to the entrance of my building I was totally drenched. I still can't believe that one day I was wearing a cashmere coat, then I was wearing a trenchcoat, and now I'm wearing no coats! Then inside the house I was wearing thick socks and bootie slippers and now I'm walking around barefeet, just in the space of a few short weeks! Crazy! Where did the beautiful spring weather go? It seemed to have jumped straight from winter to summer (almost)!

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