Monday, 28 April 2008


I think I must be the only female who doesn't change their hairstyle or go to the hairdresser on a regular basis. I'm OK with this since I've never really liked to do anything popular or feel 'peer-pressured' into doing things. I'd much rather spend the time and money buying new clothes, shoes or handbags to wear to change my look.

I don't like fussing with my hair too much because I need as much sleep as I can possibly get. I am not a good sleeper at all and never really get enough and if I get a 'fussy' hairdo it means waking up earlier to make it look all perfect and stuff.

I like that I can just wash, towel dry my hair and away I go. I sometimes don't even brush my hair because when it's just been washed it's pretty much tangle-free, smooth, silky and slippery. It's so ridiculously easy to care for. No blow-drying, styling, curling, straightening, gelling, mousing, hairspraying. Yuck. I can't stand any of that stuff. The only exception is if it's a special event I'll make an effort but if I had to do that on a daily basis I'd go insane! I don't know how others can do it.

Right now my hair is down to my waist and so long I can almost sit on it. I'm sure that people naturally assume that because I haven't had it cut for so long (10 months?) that it must be in really bad condition with heaps of split ends. Nope, it's as healthy as anything. Every hairdresser I've ever been to has commented on this, and random people like shopkeepers comment on how healthy my hair is too. I don't ever get any split ends. I used to when I was around 14 or so.. that was the last time I remember getting them. I don't even know what I did to stop them, but low and behold I just don't get them anymore and I'm quite pleased about that. I think the fact that I don't fuss around with my hair keeps it in great condition.

One of these days I'm going to get a haircut and post a before and after shot but don't expect too much. I've tried having different hairstyles but I never deviate far from what I already have. I've tried the layered thing, going shorter to shoulder-length, dyeing (OK so they were only highlights and only one shade lighter than my natural color so not much difference but I didn't want the hideous regrowth factor and so I didn't have that and liked it).

I don't really care if people think I'm boring. I like my hair. It's totally effortless and looks good (I think).

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Amyee said...

Hey you are not alone - I hate having to spend anytime on my hair. I tie it up so it's neat for work, that's it and like you my hair is pretty healthy.

You know what I think the problem with unhealthy hair? People try to do too much with them, and all the chemicals ruin it. Even the hair drier ruins it a bit. It's probably best to do what we do! :)