Wednesday, 21 January 2009

More and more readers! & Blog statistics

Happy Belated Christmas, and New Year 2009!

I'm amazed that although I hardly write in this blog anymore I still get more and more readers and hits. Thanks to all my readers (who seem to come from all over the world!) I also love getting emails and to those who I haven't replied to: I'm not ignoring you, I've just been quite busy and will reply to you really soon.

Top posts:

1. Hello Kitty Cafe, Taipei, Taiwan

2. 2007 World cities - cost of living survey

3. Carrefour shopping complex, Gubei

4. National Wear Red Day

5. Chinese New Year of rat 2008

Top keywords:

1. life in shanghai
2. carrefour shanghai
3. shanghai life
4. hello kitty sweets cafe
5. hello kitty cafe taiwan
6. hello kitty restaurant taipei
7. i dreamt i was pregnant
8. paul bakery shanghai
9. metro city shanghai
10. china birth rate

Some weirder keywords searched for through Google:

* 5rmb bag at zara china
* "sex and the city" + "think they can become"
* band aids that stick to dogs
* bathtub won't drain due to cold weather
* blood tonic for anemia from freshmart
* bound feet 裤子
* customs drug search perth airport 2008 velcro

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Eeva said...


May I ask why you don't write anymore?

Have a great day!