Sunday, 9 August 2009

Shanghai - the most beautiful city in the world

I found this really beautiful and moving promotional video about Shanghai (promoting it for the 2010 World Expo)

The cities with the most beautiful skylines in the world rated by National Geographic are as follows:

1. Hong Kong, China
2. Chicago, USA
3. Shanghai, China
4. New York City, USA
5. Tokyo, Japan
6. Singapore
7. Toronto, Canada
8. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
9. Shenzhen, China
10. Seoul, South Korea
11. Sao Paolo, Brazil
12. Sydney, Australia
13. Frankfurt, Germany
14. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
15. Seattle, USA
16. Pittsburgh, USA
17. Guangzhou, China
18. Dallas, USA


Anonymous said...

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Hao said...

Hey, just found your blog.
I can't believe Dallas is #18. Go us!

snoosn said...

G'day :),

Just found your blog & there's quite a few interesting reads. Well done! :)

I wonder if you can help me with accommodation in Shanghai. My 36 year-old sister + 2 nieces (18yo & 15 yo) will be visiting Shanghai for the first time, & I want to get them 3 nights accommodation as a Xmas gift.

They will be in Shanghai from 23-26 Dec. As I have never been to Shanghai before, will you be able to advise which area/suburb I should look for? I prefer a reputable hotel with close proximity to most places of interests, with X'mas celebration happening around the area, etc.

Any help that you can gve will be greatly appreciated.


Fred said...

gr8 to read your blog. been living in shanghai for 2 months myself...kinda njoyed it

will be putting up a article on this myself in 3-4 read it & comment on my view on shanghai ( )