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Guinness 9 ball Asian tour launch party and Plaza 66 TMSK 66

July 3rd

Last night my husband and I went to the Guinness 9 ball Asian tour launch party in Shanghai. It was held in the Big Bamboo bar. The invite said "Dress: Black with touch of personality." Well the both of us got dressed up and wore our best black outfits. I wore a red headband and hubby was going to wear a clip on koala on his collar.

We got there and was terribly surprised and shocked that noone was really that dressed up! Everyone was really casual and hardly anyone wore black! Not only that, we didn't even need an invite :( Other than that it was OK I suppose but I couldn't stand to be there very long as it was just WAY too smokey. The entire two floors were reeking of it. The free Guinness was flowing but pity I don't drink beer. I had two sips just out of thirst but yuck. At least it doesn't smell like wine does though. I really can't stand the smell of wine.


One of hubby's colleagues turned up with his wife, and also a friend of his and his wife. They planned to have Hunanese cuisine in Pudong but we declined their invitation to go because it's just way too far from where we live (almost an hour) and it would cost quite a bit to get home given we'd have to take a taxi.

So we went walkabout in order to find somewhere to eat. Not hard given this is China! There are eateries everywhere and we were in the heart of expat central. We saw a nice Chinese place (Lynn) and hubby really wanted to go there but we kept looking. We ended back on the main street of Nanjing Xi Lu (Nanjing East Road) and waltzed into Plaza 66. It was almost 9pm and most stores were starting to close. For those that don't know, Plaza 66 it the ritziest shopping mall in Shanghai comprising of stores such as Tiffany's, Gucci, Dior, Prada, LV etc.

We both assumed that any restaurant there would cost an absolute fortune to eat in but we took the elevator up to the rooftop to take a looksie anyway. We were pleasantly surprised. There were three restaurants to choose from and we ended up choosing one that served three different cuisines - Shanghainese, Hunanese and Italian. I liked that there was a non-Chinese choice there! It was called TMSK 66 (dunno what it stands for).

Given the time we were the only people sitting in the whole restaurant. Actually, the restaurant is divided into two sections - one smoking, one non-smoking. Naturally we chose the latter. Since Chinese people generally eat pretty early at 9pm we were the only ones in the non-smoking section and there was one other party in the other section.

The decor was really something! It was kind of spacey, high tech and 'trippy'. It is so hard to describe so you may as well just look at my photos :) The cutlery and crockery all seemed to be custom made and designed too. The white ceramic bowls/plates had tiny holes cut out and in the hole was embedded a blue glass bead. The lighting was absolutely amazing and set up a great mood. We also noticed the music. We planned to ask what CD it was but forgot, so I rang them up the next day and they told me it was by "Buddha Bar". Since finding this out i have downloaded many tracks from these fantastic albums!! They are instrumental and are really great 'chilling out' sort of music and fitted in with that restaurant's decor and ambience so well.

The food was amazingly well presented and we plan to go back again soon!

Oh for the record we had 2 entrees/appetizers, 2 mains, 1 freshly squeezed juice (apple, carrot, pineapple and honey - amazing) and the total cost was 262 RMB or about US$35 or AU$40. What excellent value!

Bear with me.. I will have to upload the photos later. I don't know who or how many people are reading my blog (judging by the comments basically noone and judging by clustrmaps heaps of people! ;) )

My husband also got free tickets to watch the Nine Ball game. On Sunday he was all ready to go and then at the last minute got me to read the ticket. Except that it was all in Chinese. The only parts that I could make out were to arrive half an hour before it starts (oops) and there is to be no smoking, drinking or eating inside. Since he was now late he decided not to go and just watch it on TV haha.


Uploaded the photos as promised! Pics of the party at Bamboo Bar, Plaza 66, TMSK 66 restaurant and food

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