Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Harry Potter and the Chinese Porcelain Doll

Been having soooo much trouble accessing my Blog for the last few days, weeks.. Just then I finally got back into it and the language was back in Chinese - ARGH. Either my computer is stuffing me around or the Great Firewall is/was. Anyway.. these are posts I wrote ready for posting before.


China - the land of the fakes! Piracy

OK we all know about China's fake industry - LV handbags, Chanel sunglasses, Gucci wallets, Ralph Lauren Polo t-shirts, North Face jackets, DVDs, etc etc..

Little did you know that China has fake EVERYTHING. If this isn't enough to scare people off I don't know what is - hahaha.

Here are some fake things I have heard about recently.

1. Fake eggs

See this link

Makes me sick thinking about it but hopefully we haven't bought nor eaten any fake eggs!!

2. Fake Colgate toothpastes (which are genuine Colgate!)

Although there is a Colgate factory in China, apparently the ingredients of the toothpastes are not the same as in the US, Australia or other Western countries. Apparently there is a dangerous ingredient inside. Great! Just when I thought a reputable global brand meant that something was 'safe' and when we had bought about 6 tubes when we first arrived... <_<

3. Fake Apple iPhones

This one is quite ingenius actually. And note the Windows chime... hilarious! The Chinese have rebadged the iPhone as tPhone and included a removable battery plus a host of other extra features. At first glance it looks exactly like the iPhone too. Check out the YouTube video.

and now...

4. Fake "Harry Potter" books!

See this link

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