Tuesday, 4 September 2007


In the past few weeks my father has had his 60th birthday, my grandmother her 81st birthday, my mother's 57th birthday and my sister's 28th birthday AND Father's Day in Australia.

Hubby's birthday is in May.

I've always felt a bit 'ripped off' and absolutely hated, no despised having my birthday at the end of the year, November. It always seems to be someone else's birthday and never mine. I have had parties and people couldn't come because they were off on their summer vacation already. It's too close to Christmas. I guess people are sick of going to parties and buying presents towards the end of the year, too. I dunno, so many reasons... but... I just hate it.

Also August-September is always such a festive birthday-y season for my family and I have no part in it :(

However, a lot of my friends have birthdays in November so that's good! In fact there are many friends of mine on Facebook whose birthdays are only a few days apart from mine on either side.

As this is a big year for my Dad (60th) I started to reflect back to 1997, 10 years ago. That was a big year for my family too - it was my sister's 18th, my 21st and my father's 50th. Scares me to think how fast the time has flown!

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