Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The changing of the seasons

In doing research for our Japan trip, I have discovered the weather here in Shanghai is very similar to most parts of Japan. The summers are scorchingly hot and the winters are bitterly cold and autumn/fall and spring are very pleasant, mild and lovely.

Well the changing of the season is certainly here! and right on queue too.

On Friday it was still very hot, around 32-33 in the daytime if I recall correctly. But over the weekend it started becoming very cool, right on the dot of the first of September (start of autumn).

Today, it is in the low 20's. I can't believe I put a cardigan on for a walk outside and still felt cold. The air was cool and the wind was even cooler.

Before, when I went to bed I would turn the air conditioning on at least ten minutes beforehand. Then when I felt myself almost falling asleep, I'd turn it off. Then when I'd wake up in the morning all sticky and gross I'd turn it back on again. There was a period of about two weeks where I didn't just wake up sticky, I swear I was literally dripping in sweat, litres of it. It was so horrible. (I don't like to sleep with the air con on as I find it too cold and too drying, not to mention too expensive!). I used to sleep without the blanket and now even with the blanket on, I still feel a little chilly. Such a stark contrast - I am still shocked the temperature has dropped 10 degrees in just a few days.

I know this sounds strange after all my complaints about the sticky summer heat I think I am going to miss it already. :(

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