Sunday, 2 December 2007


Thanks to the lovely 'Sognatrice' who befriended me and introduced me to Bloglines (I mean really, where have I been? Under a rock?)...

I tend to read blogs in a random fashion, I only really visit them when I think about visiting them - some once a day and some a few times a month. With Bloglines I now have all my favourite blogs listed there and they tell me when they have been updated. Too easy!! So what does one naturally do? Look for more blogs to put of the list of course! ;) My topics of interest are expat blogs (find them very fascinating and insightful), design/craft/photo related blogs, funny blogs, fashion blogs, all sorts, really.. with anything I can relate to or am interested in.

Here is a great site that guides you through it all with screenshots. (I don't even go looking for the RSS or XML URL. I just paste the actual URL (address) of the blog and it goes searching for the RSS or XML links for me).

So go on... what are you waiting for? Get an account with Bloglines :) (the amazing thing - for all you people in China - is that Blogspot blogs load up right in the Bloglines window - without a proxy!!)

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sognatrice said...

Your thoughts here sound exactly like mine when I first signed up for Bloglines. I couldn't believe how easy it was to keep up with the blogs I liked that I had to find more and more and more....

But for you, I'm *so* happy to hear about the proxy thing! Woohoo!