Thursday, 6 March 2008

Tacos in 10 mins

I'm becoming a champion taco/burrito maker. I just managed to prepare, cook, present/serve, clean up and eat it in 35mins. I need to do it quickly because I hate cooking. The quicker the better. Even better that my husband says it's good!

I buy the ingredients from Carrefour or City Shop. Only City Shop has tacos though. Carrefour only has burritos.

Sometimes I don't even have everything I need and I improvize. Ie I used soy sauce for the chicken if I don't have the proper flavouring thing. I also cook the taco sauce in with the chicken.

The chicken is the only thing that takes a bit of time. The rest is just chopping up: tomatoes and lettuce. The cheese comes shredded already.

Amazingly, the taco shells crisp up nicely in the microwave!
You can do burritos as well. The preparation/ingredients etc is exactly the same.

Phew, I'm so proud of myself I managed all that in 35mins (and I'm usually a mega slow eater!)

In other news I went to the Shanghai Center again. I had an appointment near there, 15 mins walk away. Since I needed to go to the supermarket and Paul's is in the same complex I couldn't not stop by. One day I will try everything in that amazing bakery! But for now I have to try to not cry at the prices.

So I had a Paul's danish for dessert. Effortless! :D

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