Friday, 2 May 2008

Economic boom and girls marrying later

Economic boom until 2020 at least

THE cycle of economic boom in China, the world's fastest-growing major economy, would last until at least 2020, said an expert with the National Development and Reform Commission, the nation's top economic planner.

The cycle, which started in 1978 when the reform and opening-up drive was launched, saw the country's economy grow 9.88 percent annually during the past 30 years, said Chen Dongqi, vice president of the commission's Academy of Macroeconomic Research.

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Why is it so damn hard to get girls to marry?

What does concern me is why it's so hard to get women to walk down the aisle these days in China.

Part of the reasons is gender imbalance. Some experts warn that an estimate of up to 30 million men won't be able to find wives by 2020.

But I think a major reason is that women are not in a hurry to marry. They want freedom.

For centuries, Chinese women have been good housewives, devoted to their husbands who make most of the decisions.

However, when the single-child generation enters their marriageable years, they break the rules.

Unlike their mothers, today's young urban women's stories are fueled by independence, self-confidence and professional advancement.

These ladies believe in this motto: "Don't learn how to cook or clean, or it'll be your job for the rest of your life."

The most open-minded of them hop from bed to bed before they finally marry someone. The getting-married ball is rolling on the men's court in most cases today.

Here are some quotes from men of the single-child generation:

Women nowadays are pretty picky. You have to show them your bankbook to get them to smile.

I'm tired of dating, but she said getting married might sink her career.

When it comes to marriage, women leave in a hurry, leaving men high and dry.

They want houses, they want cars and I'm not sure if they want men.

Women seem to be brainwashed by "Sex and the City!" They think they can become the women in that drama, single and fabulous.

Here're some quotes from women of the single-child generation:

It's not that I don't want to get married, I'm just not sure if he's the one. What if someone better comes along?

The marriage equation is pretty simple: 1+1 >2. If getting married cannot guarantee a better life, then why bother?

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Amyee said...

Another reason is many women now work, and those who do wish to seek better careers and climb the corporate ladder are less inclined to marry because men usually find 'career' women intimidating, and most prefer dating those who are more house wifey material.
As you said - the cultural idea of gender roles play a big part in this.