Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Sick of this f***in' sh*t cr*p!

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I am sooooo over this dumb stupid immature juvenile crap that's going on. It really is a joke. It really is.

What does Ti-bet seeking independence have to do with the Olympics??? Yes they have China in common but so what?

OK so you have people all over the world (ok, in western countries, which might as well be the 'whole world' given their power and dominance) boycotting the Olympic Games due to China's hu-man rights issues and the thing with Ti-bet.. and OMG... Yes China is pretty bad when it comes with these issues but they are soooo hypocritical. Their countries and leaders are hardly perfect.

So you had the people in Paris and the Olympic torch relay and poor innocent torch bearers being bombarded by angry mobs, and now you have the other side. Poor innocent Westerners living in China being targeting by angry Chinese mobs and boycotting all French/foreign products! ARGH!

Juvenile! Childish! Pathetic! Racist! ignorant crap!

Article from Shanghaiist andf another article.

This makes me soooo angry. It really is a joke.

At the heart of it I just feel sad. Really really sad. The Olympic Games is supposed to bring together the people of the world and unite them in harmony for just 2 weeks every 2/4 years. I don't like watching sport on tv at all but I'll always look forward to watching the Olympics, especially the Opening Ceremony. I feel so happy and so proud that my background is composed of so many different countries and I can't even choose one country over another and in my heart I am cheering them ALL on, because in the end it doesn't matter who wins the most medals, it's that the athletes had their chance to show the world their skill, stamina, strength, endurance... and their coming together and the friendship.

I was very proud when Sydney won the Olympics and felt very fortunate to watch several events in my 'backyard'. And although I don't live in Beijing.. well just being in China is close enough to the Olympics 'action'.

I just don't see why those involved with the Olympics should be penalized and why China does not deserve the Olympics??? OK so they almost beat Sydney back in 1993 when the 2000 games winner was announced, but now that Sydney has had its turn they deserve a chance too. Surely the most populous nation on earth deserves at least ONE chance to host an Olympic Games... something that's been going for over 100 years? Surely? And all those people saying "I'm going to boycott the Olympics".. well good luck to you. Besides you couldn't go even if you wanted to because tickets (from what I read on the official site) are only available to China residents, and the accommodation price is 5x the normal rate.

I know this post isn't very coherant but when I hear of news reports and people's comments I don't know whether to laugh, cry, scream, or vomit. It really is disgusting the level of ignorance around...

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