Sunday, 18 November 2007

一生絕望 Our whole life is hopeless

Love this song. It is from the Singaporean film "I not stupid too." (小孩不笨 2). Highly recommended viewing for any overseas Chinese. Seriously beautiful, thought-provoking, and gut-wrenching stuff.
The song has a real 'teen angst' melancholy feel to it, kinda the way I'm feeling at the moment ;)

曲/濨波 诿/梿智强 唱/洪俊扬

我们肆无忌惮 我们房群结党
我们目无尊长 对什么事都不满
看翀我们的房长 忪会制造麻烦

我们don't give a damn那看不起的眼光
我们什么都不是 我们什么都不管

1st verse
别以为看不起我们 就告诉自己比人家强

忈有谿会 替我们想想苹果为何忘烂

2nd verse


(back to 1st verse)

As a challenge to myself I'm going to translate the lyrics to English (of which I can understand about 70% of). Someone who knows Mandarin better than me - tell if me I've done it incorrectly ;)

We have no morals, our group formed a clique
Our goal is not to have superiors, we are not satisfied with anything
(don't get this bit), we're restless, we meet up to make trouble
We are just not here, what can you do?

We don't give a damn about those that look down upon our vision
We are all nothing, we don't care about anything
Why isn't there any communication between us?
There is only a wall between us

School teacher doesn't have a method, father scolds us for being unable to think
This society's criteria has already exceeded the imagination of people our age
The restless maintain it is possible to study, this is a model of a good child
Don't think that if you look down on us you, yourself must be stronger than us

How many people care about how the people in our group are going astray?
Why don't you look at it from our point of view; why did the apple become rotten?
Actually, we try very hard to earn praise
With a heavy heart I only ask you, how much hope have we given ourselves?

2nd verse
The tears have already dried, the road is very uncertain
We've lost our souls, what are we supposed to do?
To punish us is a grand...(?)
Then our whole lives will be hopeless

Some people are lucky, they don't have an internal battlefield,
As soon as we were born we were a lonely soldier
Standing at the vehement road in the middle of the wind and the rain to cry out
Don't let everyone see our whole lives be hopeless

(This was harder than I thought! In translating I also discovered some of the characters are wrong. I just copied and pasted the lyrics and some of the characters are not the same as the ones in the song! D'oh!)

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