Thursday, 22 November 2007

Funny translations

I'm trying to find how to get to a particular road and getting very frustrated. First I tried to find it on my map (which is all in Chinese) then I realised that it may be too far out and not even on there and searched the smartshanghai map (nope) and google extensively, can't find it. Looked up the road on Wikipedia, nope. Looked up a hotel that is on that road and the map of that hotel, nope, no help. About to give up and decided to search the Chinese name of that road on Google. Found some discussions about it and someone else was asking the same thing. Someone answered take the train and someone else answered take the taxi ie 打的. (but still didn't specify HOW to get there). Anyway I also opened up a tab with the exact same website in English (done by computer translation) and nearly spat out my water when I read the translation. The second replier's answer was "Fight." LOL!

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