Sunday, 13 January 2008

It's snowing in Shanghai?!

Is it snowing? Can somebody tell me? I just looked at some weather websites and it tells me it's snowing there.

Man I miss all the good stuff!!

Meanwhile in other news I'm in Taiwan (Kaohsiung to be precise) and am not having a good time because I am sick :( I coughed up a big fat viscous yellow and bloody phlegm ball this morning, went to the doctor who thought I had TB. WTF?! I said I doubt that I had that. Then he diagnosed me with an upper respiratory tract infection (ie cold/flu type thing) with sinusitis and then told me I needed an operation on my nose. So as you can see it's been a great vacation so far!! Luckily I don't need to have it done straight away but if I don't I'll have major ENT problems for the rest of my life.

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