Wednesday, 16 January 2008



What should I write about?

Should I write about how HOT it is here? (low 20s in Taipei and 30 in Kaohsiung) not to mention the high humidity.. or...

Should I mention that this trip has been a nightmare for me starting from when I missed my connecting flight in Hong Kong but didn't really (the flight from Shanghai was delayed, I ran like a crazy woman and actually just made the flight but they wouldn't let me on cos my baggage was not on that plane yet)


it taken 12 hours to get there.. left house at 8am, arrived airport 9pm, got to taipei airport around 7:30pm, got to my cousin's house (where i was staying) at 9pm,


having chronic insomnia every day of this trip I can barely function anymore


the best bit - having a good sleep last night (finally) but this morning coughing up thick mucousy yellow phlegm with blood throughout it?!!!

My sister and her bf are in Kaohsiung with me now and I am not spending the day with them cos I can barely walk I'm so tired. It fucken sux. Why am I always sick???!!!

Oh I am having a freakin' wonderful time...


Now, the weather has gone cold and I didn't even bring enough warm clothes with me and left my jacket in Taipei. Went to the doctor twice, second time yesterday who told me I now have bronchitis. Fan-bloody-tastic. My sister and her bf left yesterday and I have absolutely no energy to go out and do anything.

The good thing is I have a clean, queen size bed all to myself in a huge, clean room, this computer with 19" monitor and internet, own bathroom, and a lovely grandmother who provides three meals a day for me. I am not looking forward to going back to Taipei at all where I'll have a tiny crappy mouldy musty room, makeshift what-the-heck-is-this?-bed with gross sheets and blankets, thousands of screaming kids at the school next door (so zero chance of a sleep in), no internet, colder horribler weather, eesh.

Oh and then I get to go back to freezing cold, driest-of-dry-air Shanghai which will do wonders for my bronchitis?!! Isn't life great?!! I'm having a brilliant time... ARGH!

PS when I get back to Shanghai and feel half normal again I will write about the fun and positive aspects of my trip (and put up some photos). I just don't feel like it right now while I'm coughing up a lung and a half!

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