Sunday, 3 February 2008

Farewell Taiwan... I'm coming 'home' !

It's my last night in Taiwan and tomorrow morning I'll be off on my flight to Hong Kong and later to Shanghai. I hope I make it home in one piece. I'll be very sad to leave my relatives and my second 'home' after Sydney :( but I must be getting back - I have a tonne of washing to do and many hours of missed sleep to catch up on!

I have to get my dad to send off a parcel for me because my luggage is overweight... waah.. I've never been in a situation where I've reached the weight limit yet my bag isn't even full. The reason is because I bought heaps of cool design books (in English, Chinese and Japanese) and some magazines. Stuff I can't get in China at all. Right now my bag is around 26-27kg. If I added everything it would probably be 35kg!!

Don't get me started on how I think it's unfair that us 'underweight' people aren't allowed to bring more luggage onboard. I know it's discriminatory to make overweight people pay more for their ticket or whatever, but then what about cutting some slack for us lighter people? If I ate all of my books and kept them inside my body I'd be allowed to bring them, but if I bring them in my checked in luggage... noooooo I might have to pay a hefty fee/fine for it! But it is still the SAME total weight going onto the plane! UGH! Duh!

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