Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone... it has been quiet here. Most people have gone 'home' and there are fewer people around and fewer cars out on the road. I heard a few firecrackers going off last night but nothing so far today. It seems very weird it's so quiet ... It must be getting warmer because some of the snow that I saw yesterday on rooftops and sidewalks (am I turning American? footpaths for the rest of you) have melted. There is still some snow though. The weather report says "2 degrees but feels like -2." Having been to Taiwan, Hong Kong and now back to Shanghai, I've seen lots of red/gold/rat decorations around which is pretty cool. Even my flight back on China Eastern (from Hong Kong) was decked out in festive decorations! There were red paper pom pom things on the walls, and paper cut stickers, and mouse/rat cartoon cardboard cut outs stuck all over the plane.

Was reading some blog and they mentioned that annoying Chinese New Year song too! haha

Ron and I were walking down Shida Road today when we heard the most annoying pop song ever. The lyrics were basically "gōng xǐ, gōng xǐ, gōng xǐ, gōng xǐ nǐ [you]!" over and over and over again.

This is a really festive time of year for me/us because not only is there CNY but our first wedding anniversary is coming up soon, then a few days later Valentine's day!

Not sure what I have got in store today (hubby is in nice and warm Thailand!) but I will have (a big) dinner with my relatives tonight!

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