Sunday, 3 February 2008

Old Family Photos...

A 21.5 year old photo...

I've been sleeping in my grandfather's study slash spare room and just discovered that underneath all that clutter on his desk is a thick piece of glass and underneath that glass were some old family photos.

The photo is a bit blah because of the glass (there is no way I could move it) but you can just make out the people in it...

Across the back row:

The first three people on the left - I don't know who they are but I think they are my granduncle's family... (is that what you call your grandfather's brother?!)

Then, there is my granduncle (who has since passed away :( ), my grandfather, my great grandmother (who turned 90 then and has since passed away :( ), my grandfather (who I am staying with now), my mother, my grandmother, my uncle (aunt's husband), my uncle (who is here from Sydney now as well), and my father (who is here from Sydney now as well).

My aunt is missing (she probably took the photo), and my other uncle (and his family) who lives in California.

The three kiddies in the front row are: Me, my one and only sister, and my cousin (who is here now in Taiwan as well, from Sydney!).

Yes I know I bloody look anorexic and I can assure you I was well fed! I get my 'skinny genes' from my dad.. you can see how skinny his legs are too! (LOL) and also the socks thing... why my sister and I both had our socks like that?! ... What was the deal with that? It's pretty funny I guess. My sister is now 28 and my cousin is 25. How fast does time fly?!

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