Friday, 15 February 2008

Valentine Schmalentine

Valentine's Day

Yeah I know I'm one day late but I just didn't feel like there was anything to write about. I don't have any real thoughts on the day itself either negative or positive but there are a not of cynical people out there who say it's too commercialised and just a way to get more money off us, etc etc and that it makes single people feel bad...

I tried to think back and remember my past Valentines' days. From what I can remember (apart from the last few years) most of them have involved me being single and miserable seeing roses and happy couples everywhere. I have one I particularly remember where I arranged for myself to do 'work experience' at some hotshot ad agency in this huge open plan glass building (with a huge spiral slide in it!) in North Sydney. I spent 14th and 15th February there. Work experience usually involves you sitting around not doing much and watching others work and perhaps talking to them and asking them questions and if they are nice enough they will answer, or maybe even let you do some basic work. There was one guy there who I found particularly good looking but no, that's not my memory of the day. My memory was going to the toilet and blacking out (not actually fainting and falling down), feeling extremely light-headed and nauseous and I ended up having to crawl around on the ground (because I was afraid if I stood up I'd promptly fall over and probably hit my head on something). Yes I was crawling, with my eyes closed, around on the ground like a baby and out the door. Then, when I got back to the office I still couldn't stand up (amazingly noone even saw me), I quickly found a chair and table and sat on the chair and put my head on the table. After a while some people came over and asked me what happened and I said I don't really know - I felt light headed then the next thing I couldn't see anything and felt really weak and dizzy. They said it must be low blood sugar or low blood pressure (or both) and that I should just rest. Geez. I was really pissed off because it meant sitting around doing nothing for even longer and not to mention it was kinda embarrassing and not leaving such a great impression (well I didn't tell them about the crawling part!)

OK now onto the good one. My most memorable and positive experience of Valentine's day was not long after I met hubby. He arranged for us to go to Port Macquarie (which is a 4 hour drive north of Sydney). He booked a hotel and we stayed there for 2 days and 1 night or was it 3 days and 2 nights? I can't remember. Anyway we stayed at the Sails Resort and went swimming, fed pelicans, it was great. We took turns driving and the other would sleep in the back seat. I remember thinking "When are we going to get there?" whilst driving at 120 km/hour. The best part though was when we went to see and ride some camels along the beach. They (the camels) normally come to Sydney but the stupid council didn't allow them to come anymore and upon finding this out, we went to see them! People who work with camels are some of the loveliest and friendliest people I have ever met. We had a great time and it's by far the best Valentine's day in my memory...

For the record, no we didn't do anything special yesterday.

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