Friday, 15 February 2008

ICS tv channel

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Last night I watched almost 2 hours of this channel in one hit!

At 6:30pm there was/is a cooking show hosted by what we think is an Australian woman, and a French chef and filmed at the Westin hotel (although there was a typo on screen and it said "Weatin hotel" hahaha!)

Then there was some craft making DIY activity shows - first making paper roses, then modelling clay sculptures.

Then there was a discussion with an expat who's lived here a number of years and what he thought about current affairs topics. One of the things they talked about was that Shanghai is planning on introducing the no plastic bags policy which many other countries have. Apparently this will start in June. Hubby said good luck to them enforcing it! Well, hopefully it'll take off. I hate the feeling of so much wastage. It's bad enough with billions of disposable chopsticks, toothpicks, plastic packaging and whatnot. I actually feel a bit sick thinking about this when I'm flying on a plane or staying in a hotel. But anyway...

I just want to say again that ICS is pretty good! :)

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