Friday, 28 March 2008

Public transport and Pretty blossoms

I had a really 'ugh' time yesterday. First of all I hadn't caught the train (MRT, MTR, subway, whatever you want to call it) for so long, over 4 months I think. And after I did I kinda regretted it. I somehow found myself squished like a sardine (it was about 2:30pm so hardly peak hour). I could not move my legs from the knees down because of some guy's DVD box next to my legs yet at the same time I was being pushed so my legs were straight but my body was bending over backwards at a 45 degree angle. I had to use every puny little muscle in my arm to hold into the pole so I didn't end up sitting in the lap of someone. My knee was pushed up against the knee of a man sitting down and I was leaning, practically lying on top of the man who owned the DVD player! UGH. I had 4 stops to travel and it was torturous, getting fuller and fuller with each stop.

Then, when I came home I decided to take the taxi. At 5pm. What a stupid idea. I got a driver who 1) didn't have a clue where he was and had to get out a map 2) didn't even seem to know how to drive and seemed very nervous. After driving me around in circles for at least 15 mins and being no closer to home I asked him to let me out and luckily he did without any hassles and I didn't have to pay. Luckily the second driver I got was much cluey-er and got me home in record time.

OK now onto the good news. Here I was writing about the blossom festival (the entry which I'll probably never get around to editing because the translation was giving me a headache) and wanting to travel maybe 1.5 hours to go and see it, when there were blossoms right on my doorstep! I was shocked and amazed to discover blooming blossoms everywhere in our apartment compound and also everywhere along the streets, footpaths, median strips and everywhere. It's gorgeous! It was quite windy so my photos weren't that good but I hope to get some up soon (when it's not so crazily windy).

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