Thursday, 27 March 2008

Shanghai Pudong Airport - Terminal 2 opened

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TERMINAL 2 - huge, sparkling new and state of the art - officially began operations at Pudong International Airport yesterday.

This reporter, on dawn patrol, was there to watch proceedings unfold. And, apart from a slight hitch in ticket markings, the facility came through with flying colors.

Yao Mei, a Chinese businessman, became a rather bewildered celebrity as he was the first passenger to check in at the Shanghai Airlines' counter at 6:15am.

Yao caught Flight 9545 to Chongqing City. "I felt nothing special ... only that the check-in procedure went impressively quick," said Yao, surrounded by a media throng of flashing cameras and microphones.

The pedestrian and shuttle-bus services that connect the two terminal buildings also officially opened yesterday.

Linking corridors are supported by automatic walkways. It takes about 10 minutes for passengers to complete the walk between the two terminal halls.

The shuttle buses leave every 10 minutes on a trip that takes just three minutes.

But confusion over whether flights leave from Terminal 1 or 2 is a problem that may take a few days to rectify.

"We hope highly visible tags are pasted somewhere on the tickets to show whether they are for T1 or T2," said a Shanghai man on board a shuttle bus. His daughter was catching a flight that left from the new terminal early yesterday.

Fifteen airlines moved from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 yesterday, while 18 will relocate on April 29.

Terminal 2 is easy to negotiate. Clearly marked signs indicate areas for taxies, long-distance buses, the Maglev station, parking lots, terminal-shuttle buses and linking corridors.

Terminal 2 drew much praise.

"It's comfortable and very spacious," said a female traveler, surnamed Wang, who was heading for Changchun City from Terminal 2. "I like the carpets. The new terminal facilities are equal to airports in Singapore and Australia, where I have traveled."

About 120,000 square meters of carpet has been laid.

Lots of photos and a 'review' can be found on Wang Jian Shuo's blog. Coincidently Beijing's terminal 3 just opened too.

That's one thing I admire about the Chinese. When they want to get things done, they get them done, and quickly! They don't fluff about like some other certain people...

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