Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Double Umbrella and the art of Chindogu (Unuseless Japanese inventions)

I read a lot of design related blogs. For those that don't know I studied visual communication for five, long, painful years. Anyway I am very attracted to beautiful and functional things. I have already poured over every single aisle in every major bookshop in Taipei that features books on design. Any kind of design. Graphics, architecture, product/industrial design, interior design, web design, fashion design... everything.

Anyway I am not sure if this is beautiful but it certainly is practical! It's a double umbrella. Unfortunately they are sold out. Not so unfortunately it's finally stopped raining here! hehe :)


Apart from being attracted to beautiful things, I am also attracted to weird, wacky, and whimsical stuff. Whilst I was studying I actually bought these two books 101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions: The Art of Chindogu and 99 More Unuseless Japanese Inventions: The Art of Chindogu

They make great coffee table books as they are sure to interest anyone. You can have hours of side-splitting fun looking at the funny inventions in there! :D

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