Friday, 1 February 2008

ShanghaiExpatWife's travel tips part I

One of the things about travelling overseas is that you might need a visa. Some are easy and you just get them at the airport as you go through, others you have to apply for in advance.

It is always a bit confusing because the rules change so often.
Example - it used to be you could only stay in Taiwan for 14 days and if you wanted to stay longer you had to extend your visa. Now it's 30 days (and I just scraped in staying 27 days!)

It's fairly easy to assume you won't have any troubles with an EU, US, UK, Australian, New Zealand or Japanese passport but you can never be too sure. I know that Russia has certain requirements...

Anyway I stumbled across this great website which tells you at a glance what visa you need based on your nationality/passport and where you are travelling to.

Taiwan is actually listed as "Chinese Taipei", the name they also go by in the Olympics as certain countries don't recognise is as a 'separate country' to China.

SkyTeam Visa, Passport and Health information

On another note - everybody in my immediate family, as well as my husband has dual nationality and two passports. But I have never heard of or met anyone who has three. I wonder if it is possible to have three or four different countries' passports?

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