Friday, 1 February 2008

Looking for a bra...

I absolutely despise bra shopping. Nothing ever fits. If the cups fit the back doesn't close up, and if the size is right the cups are too big. Another problem is that I want a padded bra but I absolutely hate - no - despise underwire. I don't need it and it just digs into my stupidly bony breastbone.

I went to a lingerie store today. I saw a big sign saying 50% off everything so I went in. I should have known it would be a waste of time. There were hundreds of gorgeous designs in different colours, patterns, and prints but only ONE of their bras had no underwire. A plain beigey peach coloured one. Like the many I already own.

Am I the only female who wants a padded bra without underwire that comes in funky designs, colours, and prints? ARGH!

I just went to and there are a whopping 4 types of bras that come in small sizes, are padded and don't have underwire.

1. VS Cotton™ Padded wireless bra
It comes in 15 designs, 2 of which are printed

2. Victoria's Secret Pink® Wireless padded bra
Comes in 1 design - a pink and white pattern

3. Very Sexy® NEW! Infinity Edge™ wireless push-up bra
Comes in 7 designs, one of which is a leopard print

4. Victoria's Secret Pink® Wireless padded bra
Comes in four 'exciting' colours - black, white, nude and light pink

So I should just go and buy one of these right? No... I already know they won't fit. I have a problem with bras designed for Western women. The straps are always too far apart and dig into my armpits. On the other hand Chinese bras fit me fine across the front and shoulders, but never do up on the back! Plus, their models' cup size is about 300 times bigger than mine so how am I supposed to know what it looks like on me?!

ARGH - where is that despair smiley when I need one?! I should start my own business but I am guessing I am the only person looking for stuff that does not exist. I think I should just wear a bikini top. They quite often come in padded, un-wired varieties and lovely colours and prints!! Haha.

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