Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The most densely populated cities/countries

I was reading over some of my old blog entries (where funnily, I'd forgotten some of the stuff I wrote about already) and found this post about stats about the most densely populated cities.

Taipei was 7th, and Shanghai was 10th. Boy oh boy do you feel it in Taipei. The people living in the building next door.. well when I sleep at night it feels like they are living in the same apartment, in the room next door!

Now take into account that Taipei has roughly 2.5 million people and Shanghai has roughly 18.5 million people and that gives you an idea of how much bigger in area/size Shanghai must be!


Wikipedia also lists Taiwan as the 15th most densely populated country but other sites place it higher up in rank, like 7th or 10th.

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