Monday, 12 May 2008

Earthquake - death toll almost 10,000 and rising

This is just horrible. I feel so sad for all those people whose lives have been lost. I remember when a big earthquake hit Taiwan in 1999. I remember it clearly because my mother was there at the time (she felt shocks/tremors but was fine) and also I remember having a discussion with my friend about how this wasn't big enough news to report in the Australian media. I mean it was reported on, but it was deemed a small story compared to other stories as is usually the case with small countries.

I really hope the death toll doesn't rise anymore. This is just so horrible and can't even think of another word to describe how I feel. I'm sure there are evil minded people and conspiracy theorists out there who say this is God punishing China and all that and I'm sure there's someone who's going to say there is some prophecy about something bad happening in China in the year 2008 .. pfft.. whatever.. some people are just mean, evil and just suck.

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