Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Hayfever hell

I was really really dreading this. I was hoping and praying that this wouldn't happen. I was very very grateful for all the times this didn't happen.

But right now - it's hayfever season. It seems odd that when the flowers were first blooming and blossoming I was totally fine (and often thought about how weird it was I didn't react) but now both my husband and are are having allergy attacks - sneezing, runny nose, and itchy watery eyes. Great. On top of that it's been quite dry lately and my nose has started to bleed again.


On another note most Chinese people don't seem to understand what hayfever (or asthma) is. I noted hubby trying to explain to his Mandarin tutor last night that he had it and I don't think she quite got it. I've also had the same blank expression when I've tried to tell people I'm asthmatic and that's why I can't tolerate cigarette smoke. It seems like nobody here gets it whereas it's so common in the west, well in Australia anyway it's (apparently) really common.

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