Sunday, 11 May 2008

Horrible news - Grand Gateway

Oh Gosh.. I just read Shanghaiist which reported 2 young people (lovers) who committed suicide in Grand Gateway Mall. Luckily they had the good sense not to post the graphic photos on their site (you can still see them via a link though which I did NOT click on, I don't think I want to have nightmares as I get freaked out easily). Stories like this really freak me out and sadden me because they are rare-ish, and unusual, and tragic. Car or plane crashes or murders where people die are also tragic of course.. but those people who died had no say in the matter and those sorts of scenes are seen so often in movies I guess you kinda get desensitized to them... whereas suicide is another kettle of fish.. but not only that, to do it in such a (crowded) public place is also IMHO a bit selfish.. Now all those onlookers who saw them do it will probably need post-traumatic stress/grief counselling. :(

Something similar happened in Sydney in Chatswood Westfield (a large shopping mall in the north shore) and every time I walked near the spot where 'it' happened I felt chills run through my body and I could never ever get the thought or image out of my head no matter how much I tried. I just shudder thinking about. It's just horrible horrible for all involved.. :(

RIP to the young couple though. :(

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