Sunday, 4 May 2008

Asthma drugs

Nothing about Shanghai or the world...

9 days later I am still sick. I'm so over this. I have no energy and need to sleep all the time yet I have insomia and can't sleep. At night I cough non-stop and have to sleep sitting up at a 135 degree angle.

I'm pretty sure I'm over the non-descript URTI (upper respiratory tract infection) and it's progressed to its asthma-like state where I just cough and cough and cough and my chest, back and stomach ache like crazy. ARGH.

They say it's very common in Australia (asthma) but the strange thing is I hardly know of anyone with it. My grandfather on my father's side and my mother have it sort of, and I think maybe my cousin does as well but as for other relatives, friends, acquaintances, nope. Noone. Trust me to get the bad luck! :(

A few days ago I accidently stumbled across some news articles which said that the asthma drug Singulair has a suicide risk. WTF?? I thought. Thank God I've never taken that drug.

I'm on Symbicort which is strange in that I can't taste or feel a single thing (unlike billions of other 'puffers' I have tried in the past). I always worry if it's actually working and getting into my system. I guess it's working though because I only started using it yesterday and today I seem to be coughing less. I hope this goes away soon, it's really quite debilitating.

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