Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Stupid fashion

I've just had it with today's fashion. Nearly everything that is out there I dislike. I am sick of the baggy sack shapeless dresses that fall from the armpit to the hem. I am sick of empire-lines that make you look pregnant when you're not. I'm sick of strapless, I'm sick of plunging v-necks which I think are way too revealing and unflattering for both small and big-breasted women. I'm sick of tops or dresses that are baggy in some areas and lycra skin tight in others. Did I also say that I've hated hipster jeans/pants ever since they came out, and I'm so glad that that fashion trend is slowly dying... ARGH!

Why is today's fashion so damn hideous and ugly and uncomfortable? I'm not fat or pregnant and I don't want to look fat or pregnant! At this rate I may as well join the rest of the Shanghai locals and wear pajamas out in public!

On another semi-related note - what happened to Camper shoes? They used to be known for their cute, quirky and whimsical designs and comfort. Now they are neither that comfortable or cute and whimsical. Well I had a quick look at their website and hardly any of their designs are that interesting. They look like normal shoes you'd find anywhere! and with a high price tag, too!

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