Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Random photos

Rail maps at People's Square showing the new lines.. crazy stuff.. the People's Square station has 20 exits!!

View of Cloud Nine mall through a taxi window

Some place I have no idea where but I liked the colour.

Qipu Lu

Gorgeous book cover of a children's storybook

Carrefour today:

If you translate "Spice girls" into Chinese and then back into English it becomes "Spicy Girls" so it's Chinglish I guess. I found it amusing because my mother calls that group the "Spicy Girls" too!

There was some crazy shoe sale going on. 10-20 RMB (about $1.50-$3) a pair! I did take a quick look and the styles weren't too bad but the queues were horrendous and the quality wasn't that great.. but the price is just unbelievable! Only in China, eh?

Something about giving away free bags. Carrefour's bid to help the environment. They are probably warming us up for when they stop giving out free plastic shopping bags. I feel so stupid now thinking it started tomorrow, when it started yesterday! (the 6th). I could've claimed my free enviro bag today but didn't :(

We got new kitchen taps! Yay for Mr Fang.

Some crappy dinner I made - lamb chops, fried rice and lettuce. The hubby liked it, though, amazingly.

I've also added photos to my Paul's post yesterday (the 6th!)

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