Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Paul bakery - now available for delivery


The new Sherpa's menu came out recently. From 1 May you can order from Paul. We have the Hongqiao area Sherpa's (since we live in that area, duh - actually we live in both the Puxi and Hongqiao areas according to Sherpa's map) and I just ordered from them. It'll be sent to us from the Carrefour Gubei branch (which I haven't seen in person yet).

On the menu was "Ancien" bread but since there aren't any corresponding photos I have no idea what that is. A google search didn't find much either except for a link to Paul. LOL.

Ahh... how I love Paul's bread and pastries! drool!

ETA: Sherpa's just called me back and said they've run out of the Fougasse with olives.. d'oh!


Edited to add: pictures!

The gorgeous looking new Carrefour store. I love the interior design. It's just like being in Paris except with Chinese sales staff!

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