Friday, 9 May 2008

Stop clogging my inbox

You know how there are certain people that love to fwd you all the stuff that they get forwarded? I've told my father a thousand times that 99% of those things are hoaxes but he still doesn't believe me, and forwards me stuff in a panic about how I might get my kidneys harvested or some sh|t like that. I used to get so angry that noone would get the message when I asked them politely to stop sending me this crap but then I had to resort to using more forceful words and even capital letters. So thankfully I don't get many of them anymore ;) On another note - I wanted to see how long I'd last having a funwall or superwall on my Facebook. I think I did quite well.. lasted a few months but took it down recently as it was full of more of this forwarded crap!

Many many years ago I found and it was a godsend and my 'bible' to all things forwarded.

Anyway I was just searching google for images and came across this by accident. I wouldn't read it but I find the idea very clever and concept amusing. Someone has blogged about all the stuff they get sent!

stop clogging my inbox

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